Review of Forage in Newberg, OR

Discovering the best pizza I’ve had in Oregon

Purposeful pizza making — local ingredients, amazing flavors, exceptional crust and execution
Forage Cafe — 210 W 1st Street in Newberg, Oregon
The drive to Newberg is a beautiful trip on its own
Fuel for the oven necessary in creating incredible pizza sensations
The beautiful interior of Forage revealing a view in the kitchen where the magic happens
The kitchen of Forage, focused around a blazing hot, beautiful oven
Chef Kris tending the fire necessary to keep the oven at very high, but consistent, temperatures
One of the most important parts of the kitchen, nestled against the window looking out into the restaurant
Arugula, Calabrian chilis, peppers, onion, cheeses, sausage, and a light, refreshing, tomato sauce
A glimpse of what the wood fired oven helps to accomplish
With ingredients this well chosen, and so fresh from being local, you don’t even need sauce

For·age — verb — search widely for food or provisions

Ultimately chef Kris does the name of his restaurant proud. He sources local ingredients, attaches his skills to them without adjusting them too much from whence they came, and provides them to his guests.

Day 13 of 60 for developing a writing habit.



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David Drake

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