Let’s Get Personal — Success Can Be Boring and Failure is an Option

In fact, it’s something worth chasing, celebrating, and definitely worthy of forgiveness

Photo by: David Drake — My face thinking about all of my failures, of which there are many.

My failures are my stories, and they’re probably yours too.

Success Porn is Totally a Thing (But Maybe Don’t Search for it on Google)

There are plenty of successful people, but their successes aren’t extraordinary. How they failed on the way there? Those are some interesting stories.

The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change… and Failure

Photos by: David Drake — One of my favorite quotes that I’ve been saying for years. — Art by @zuhg_art

Learning to Forgive Myself is One of My Favorite Parts About Self-Love

Public Domain — Frontispiece for “An Essay on Criticism”

To Wrap it All Up? Life is Still Very Hard.

Day 6, I mean, 7 of 60 for developing a writing habit.

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