5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself and Alcohol in 9 Months of Sobriety

23 years of it since starting in high school seemed like enough

“Face gains” are totally a thing for most people when you stop drinking for a while.

Some stop drinking because of a traumatic life event. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t boozing all hours of the day, or being abusive or neglectful, except maybe to myself.

#1 — Alcohol borrows from tomorrow by giving you what you want today

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#2 — There’s probably no such thing as “moderate drinking” despite what we’ve been taught

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#3 — Executing at my highest ability feels amazing and I couldn’t do this when I was drinking

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#4 — The physical, mental, and emotional gains from sobriety were more than I expected

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#5 — I discovered that I actually can, and do, love myself; flaws and all

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People are free to say whatever they want about me because I’ve already said way worse things about me to myself.

Bonus — Extra time, and an appreciation for time, are the greatest gifts sobriety has given me

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Day 9 of 60 for developing a writing habit.

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