My experience of being constantly on the move

Handwritten timeline of where the author has lived in a notebook.
Photo courtesy of the author — Timeline of moves from 1982 to 2017

For a little while, I’ve been telling people that I’m in the 24th place to call home. Turns out I was off by about 20%; it’s 29 places. …

Discovering the best pizza I’ve had in Oregon

Purposeful pizza making — local ingredients, amazing flavors, exceptional crust and execution

Finding the best pizza I’ve had in Oregon isn’t a journey that led me into Portland. While there are quite a few good pizza joints in the city, you’ll need to head south to an unassuming place that looks like a house with an “Open” sign in the window. …

23 years of it since starting in high school seemed like enough

“Face gains” are totally a thing for most people when you stop drinking for a while.

I keep calling it “the best gift I’ve ever given myself” because, well, it is. I’m 38 years old and I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my whole life.

I’ve been sober for 9 months, 7 hours, 9 minutes, and 38 seconds. How do I know that…

In fact, it’s something worth chasing, celebrating, and definitely worthy of forgiveness

Photo by: David Drake — My face thinking about all of my failures, of which there are many.

Today’s morning meditation was about failure; something I’ve experienced quite a few times in my life in various ways. I’ve failed to get a startup off the ground (but I’m working on it), failed at marriage, had my face broken trying to rescue somebody, wasn’t able to hack it living…

Or at least, some poems that follow the 5–7–5 structure that help me collect my thoughts for the day

Okay, maybe it’s not technically a Haiku, but it follows the structure, which is the part I most enjoy.

Haiku 俳句

For a set of words to be a Haiku, there’s supposed to be an additional element to them called a “kireji (切れ字)” or “cutting word.” I’m still working on how to best incorporate that into the practice of writing these short little poems. …

Where I attempt to answer “why” I’m pursuing this endeavor, and explore some observations about Medium

Photo by: David Drake — Making words happen for “Making Word Happen”

Alright, fine, I’ll do it. It’s 9:45am on a Saturday morning, and it’s going to be around 108º today. I’ll keep on drinking my iced Americano (second coffee drink of the morning) and I’ll make words happen.

Today is day 5 of 60 for making writing a habit. Yesterday was…

Quotes from “Letters of the Dragon” that spoke to me

Photo Credits: Bruce Lee Enterprises — Bruce Lee was an avid and prolific writer.

I have been a fan of Bruce Lee since I was a small child. My father was the one who got me into him by introducing me to his films when I was younger. The fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in “The Way of the Dragon” stuck with…

David Drake

Accomplished Father, Leader, Engineer, Writer, and Wannabe Chef. @randomdrake

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